Certainly, you have a good and efficient recruitment team. However, it may happen that it is heavily burdened and your needs cannot wait. Often, experienced recruiters also move in a well-known area and are not always able to efficiently meet newly emerging needs. In such a case, we would be happy to help:

  • We will establish the recruitment process with your “hiring management”.
  • We will help in “tuning” materials describing the project, domain area, technology, benefits, etc. – everything that will help attract the best candidates to your company.
  • We will find suitable candidates, make their preliminary verification. If necessary and within our technological capabilities,
  • we will conduct a technical verification (at least its first stage).
  • We will conduct preliminary negotiations with the candidate in terms of salary, agreement, etc.
  • We offer competitive salaries – we are not a “corpo” – typically 0.9-1.2 of the candidate’s monthly salary forecast with a payment plan option.

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