Are you looking for medium-term support for your IT projects? Finding specialists in the market is time-consuming, expensive, and not always effective. Moreover, directly hiring engineers is not always cost-effective and sometimes risky, especially if you are unable to plan long-term (as is often the case, for example, the client is not yet decided if they will want to continue with the next project phase). In such a situation, Time & Material services can be a sensible complement to your team. Some of the basic advantages:

You don’t bear the recruitment costs
You don’t have to spend time and energy negotiating contracts, rates, other preliminary matters with candidates
You minimize costs and work efforts for ongoing, non-project management of engineers

  • With MT-Consulting, you work on the basis of a framework agreement signed once. Each subsequent engineer joins your team on the basis of a simple order, which requires no additional negotiations and takes little time to generate. The order describes the basic parameters of each engagement, such as:
  • Rates
  • Service start date
  • Service end date
  • Expected task workload, in % FTE (default 100%)
  • Termination notice time, if any
  • Each order can be easily extended
  • The computer equipment for the engineer can be yours (your client’s) or supplied by MT-Consulting
  • The engineer will work remotely or from your office (your client’s)
  • We offer competitive rates (low margins) – we are not a corporation, we do not have an elaborate structure and thus costs
  • Each engineer receives ongoing operational and “linear” support from us.

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