We provide
IT services
for the best clients.

Project implementation, time & material services, recruitment support.

Speed, efficiency,
minimum formalities.

C#, .Net, Net Core, Java, Javascript, Angular, React, Native Mobile, Business Intelligence, SQL, DWH, ETL, Big Data, Servicenow, Salesforce

Time @ Material

We offer our engineers to work on your shorter or longer project on a Time & Material basis.

Team building and team assembly planning.

We support your business by providing you with the right specialists for your project.


Support in the recruitment of specialists. Fast, efficient and inexpensive. Minimum formalities, direct contact.

Our services

Simple business model. Flexibility. Quick response to customer needs.

Time & Material services

Software engineer services rental.

Team assembly

Do you need a whole team? We can help.


Support in the recruitment of key employees.

Main areas of operation

Business Intelligence. Applications Development. Microsoft and Java technology stack.

BI Development

Business Intelligence. Microsoft technology stack, Power BI, DWH, ETL, Big Data, Databricks.

Applications Development

Front End, Back End development. C#, .Net, SQL, Java, Kotlin, Angular, Javascript, Power APPS, Mobile Application Development, Azure, Devops

Current offers:

Looking for a new project? Our current offers. If you are interested, write or call.

We work for large and demanding clients.

Write or call. What competencies are you looking for, in what model do you want to work?

We mainly (but not only) operate in the following areas:

Business Inteligence Data Engineering Servicenow .Net (Microsoft technology stack)

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